Welcome to Pearlstory NYC!

We create and sell jewelry made from

High Quality Freshwater Pearls.


Our mission is to make pearl jewelry for all occasions through affordable prices. Yes, that’s right. Our pearls can be worn everyday - not just on special occasions. We want to give you exactly what our name suggests: A pearl for every story.


Why We Exist. 

We love pearls. In fact, our founding team has over 20 years of experience in the pearl business! We started out by sourcing pearls to large fashion and jewelry brands. Through this, we noticed that many companies struggled to find high quality pearls and create fashionable designs at an affordable cost. 

To address this gap, we began to form close relationships with jewelry designers all over the world. We have worked with high-end jewelry designers for 10+ years. We knew that design and cost were difficult to balance in the jewelry industry. 

Over time, we realized that our pearl sourcing expertise and understanding of pearl jewelry design could solve this problem. So, Pearlstory NYC was born! We create and design direct-to-consumer pearl jewelry for all occasions. That’s right - no middle men, no mark-ups. We combine high quality pearls, beautiful designs, and affordable prices to make pearls an everyday affair.


A Pearl for Every Occasion

We want pearls to be for all people and all occasions. Not sure how? We will show you. 


Monday: Yearly Marketing Budget Review Meeting @ 10:00 AM 

You’re ready to rock this meeting. You hit all your goals and are asking for a bigger budget this time. You’ll need a statement piece - perhaps our Silver Coin Pearl Ring? You want that hand to sparkle as you point to those figures, girl. 


Tuesday: Getting after-work cocktails with a promising Bumble date @ 7:00 PM

Ok, this is not a drill. This guy is CUTE. And, he checks off 9 out of your 10 boxes. You guys have been messaging all week and you are so excited to meet him. You’re going to need something flirty. Might we suggest our sultry Silver Single Chain Drop Earrings


Wednesday: Work from home (but you still have a professional call at 11:00 AM)

Ah, work from home. You know what that means? No pants necessary. Just a nondescript black top for when you have your call with the Marketing Department. Keep our Square Floating Pearl Necklace handy, so that you can throw that thing on right before your call and look fabulous. 


Thursday: Pottery Night @ 7:00 PM

It’s your night! Your hidden talent. It’s the only thing that you keep to yourself and do for yourself. It’s pottery night. Tonight, you are going to attempt to make a ceramic vase. You’ll need something out of the way. But you still want to look great. Put on our Brass Charm Round Pearl Choker for an edgy yet sophisticated look. 


Friday: Dinner and Drinks at Uchi with Friends @ 8:00 PM

Time to let loose! You have been having a crazy week and it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your friends make a 10-person reservation at Uchi. You can’t wait to wear your new (tiny) black dress that you have been saving up for a fun night like this. You effortlessly pair it with our Baroque Classic Pearl Choker


Saturday: ...Nothing!

Ok, you are feeling a bit hungover. But, wow, what a great night last night. Did you really give your number to that cute bartender with the man bun? Yes. Did you really fall asleep in your Baroque Classic Pearl Choker? Also, yes. You are about to head out to get some recovery food from your favorite bagel shop, so you put on an easy T-shirt dress and leave that choker on!


Sunday: Running Errands Allll Day

You’ve got stuff to do today. You are hitting up the farmer’s market, grocery store, nursery for some new plants, and also Target (duh). You want an easy-on-the-go look that also makes you feel amazing. What else would you throw on besides our Goddess Pearl Hoop Earrings?


At Pearlstory, we make pearls that you can live in. Our pearls are just as unique, different, and beautiful as the people who will wear them.