What is a coin pearl?

Coin pearls, also known as a flat pearl, can be worn from a casual outfit to dress up an evening dress thanks to its versatile and unique look. 

 How are coin pearls made?

A coin pearl has the flat and small size of a button, and is mostly made from cultured freshwater pearls. The farmer usually puts the flat round nucleus in the mussel to help create the shape. The mussel then builds up its nacres around that nucleus so when the pearl is shaped, the pearl will have an equal thickness on both sides. 

It can take up to a year for a coin pearl to be ready to process. If the pearl is taken out too soon, the pearl will be too thin.  If it is too late, the pearl will grow into the baroque shape with an asymmetrical look. 

What is the size of the coin pearl

The normal size of a coin pearl is 10 - 12 mm in diameter, either white or pink in color with the cluster. A good coin pearl can have some irregular look on the surface, such as wave shape or small bumps. 

The good coin pearl will have a natural bright cluster and the nucleus that cannot be seen.  This makes the coin pearl earrings or necklace very shiny.

The great thing about the coin pearl is that each coin pearl has a unique shape. That makes a coin pearl jewelry very stylish and trendy. Thanks to its variety, coin pearls can be used to make any kind of jewelry, from earrings, to necklaces to rings.

If you feel like that coin pearl shape can be too big for your look, pick a hoop or drop pearl earrings which adorn all the beauty of the pearl. 

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