Tips to look attractively elegant on the first date

Any first time can be nerve-racking, including that first time going on a date with that special someone. Here are some tips for you to keep calm and look your best on the first date. 

Give yourself amazing self-care. It is time to stop postponing that hair treatment or that nail polish appointment. I know you have a busy and stressful time at work or school, but so is this first date. You don't want to disappoint yourself by not looking the best that you can, right? Let's do any skincare or self-care that you enjoy so that you can feel more relaxed. Plus, bright skin and nice hair are always important for the first impression

Take time to pick the perfect outfit. It doesn't have to be an expensive dress or the most distinctive outfit. Just pick the outfit that you get the most compliments with. Wear the color you know that looks good on you. Do not wear something that is too tight or an uncomfortable pair of shoes. If you’re looking for an elegant style, try not to mix too many colors together and try to match the outfit and shoes. 

Get appropriate makeup. First, choose the makeup color that blends with the outfit color. If your dress is in a bright color, let’s be simple with the makeup highlight with the red classic lipstick instead of colorful eye shadow. If your outfit is more classic like in a beige, all-white or neutral color, some opposite color in the makeup would brighten up your look. Also, consider your hair color. 

Pick the elegant jewelry. If you think this is just a small thing to care about, think again. A look without an accessory is like a delicious dish without any utensils to eat it. Accessories are the must, not only because they are beautiful, but because they can make you look more unique. Many girls can get the same dress as you, but only you can be the one who matches that dress with this specific piece of jewelry. And when talking about elegance, a piece of pearl is always the best answer. Pearls balance your look and treasure the elegant beauty in you. 

If you think pearls are boring because they seem to be a safe color, check this. You can choose from different types of pearl and design to fit your personality and outfit. A pearl necklace shouts out how delicate and elegant you are, while a pair of pearl earrings can bring all the attention to your face. 

Keep your smile, get the have-fun spirit. At the end of the day, the date is for you to get to know the other and to have some social fun after a stressful time. You don’t have to “work so hard” to get promoted, so, just be the person that you love the most about yourself, and keep smiling. A positive attitude is also very attractive.

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