Style pearls with jeans, why not?

We all know that pearls are the new fashion statement, and we expect to see pearls in everyday looks. But how to match this trendy accessory with your favorite outfit - jeans.

You can make it very easy by matching a small drop pearl earrings with your plain bright blue jeans, and complete that look with a mono-color cardigan. Our influencer Erin (IG account: @girlmeetsnewyorkcity) looks gorgeous with the simple mix-match of jeans and our brunch bar drop pearl earrings. If you want to look a little more dramatic or outstanding, add a single or double strand of pearls. This style is perfect for a night out, a casual date or even dress-down Friday at work. 



If you like a more dynamic style, try white pearls with a solid collar shirt and jeans. The white color of the top will adorn perfectly the luminosity of the pearls, which helps to brighten your face. At the same time, the fashionable skinny jeans enhance the shape of your look, make every step you take confident and shiny. Plus, this look is suitable for the workplace environment. 

You can pair your white or blush pink with dark or black jeans for a casual and classic look. Since the pair of stud pearl earrings or a pearl choker will be the highlight of your outfit, wear your hair up to show those gems off even more. 

ONE TIP: The look of pearls with jeans creates a chic but casual look, so you don’t want to overdo it by adding too many accessories. If you choose hoop earrings to go with your blue jeans, do not wear pearl chains or any accessory that is big.  Remember, the beauty of pearl is by its simplicity but luminosity.

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