How to take care of pearls?

When you love something, you want to keep it forever. Here are some tips for you to take care of your lovely pearls so they stay with you forever! 

Tip 1: Keep your pearls separate from other jewelry. Though the value and beauty of pearls are timeless, those gems are very delicate and easily scratched. So the first thing is not to keep pearls in direct contact with other jewelry. Put them in a separate box or pouch in your jewelry box, and make sure to let some air in since pearls can be cracked if the air is too dry. When you clean them, do not use a toothbrush, just use cloth and be a little patient :)

Tip 2: No acid or chlorine. Pearls have the shape of gemstone, which makes you think it is very sturdy.  But pearls can be damaged by chemical factors ( such as perfume) and acid (like vinegar, citrus or detergent). The friendlier way to clean pearls is with liquid soap and warm water. Try to avoid any liquid with high acid or chlorine. 

Tip 3: Let pearls dry thoroughly. After cleaning your pearls, you need to let them dry. Don’t wear them when wet, since moisture can attract dirt. To make sure the pearls will be thoroughly dry, use a damp cloth and gently go over the pearl. Great tip: Put a little oil in the cloth to help maintain the luster of the pearls. Remember not to hang them to dry, only lay them flat on a towel for 24 hours. 

Tip 4: Store pearls in a place with cool air. The high heat can make pearls loose and fall off, so always make sure to store pearls in the cool, fresh air conditioning.  Avoid direct contact with the sun when storing your jewelry. It is okay to wear pearls in the very hot weather, just be sure to use a cloth to clean it a little.

Should I wear pearls every day? 

This is not a must but highly suggested. Since pearls can be damaged in the dry air, wearing them often helps pearls to absorb the moisture of your skin and stay shiny. Just make sure if you sweat or have your pearl being under the sun for a long time, take it off and clean it a little. It takes a little extra work, but you’ll be so happy to see your pearls stay with you for a very long time. Also, wear them after putting on perfume, hairspray or cosmetics. 

 Can I wear pearls in the shower? In the swimming pool?

You shouldn’t. The chemical in the pool or the water can take away the epoxy of the pearl and make it loose. 

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