How to Buy A Pearl Necklace on A Shoestring Budget

They may say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’re forgetting about the true, under-hyped yet overly indulgent gem of the jewelry world: pearls.

There’s nothing more breathtaking than a strand of pearls in necklace form, elegantly sitting against the skin of the neck. Sound poetic? That’s because it is!

A pearl necklace can boost your confidence and fashion while symbolizing luxury, timeless style, and the beauty of the natural world. Unfortunately, pearl necklaces can also come at a hefty price, as pearls are a rare gem and often are very expensive. 

Don’t worry, you can still have all of the beauty and grace of pearls around your neck, at a fraction of a price! This how to guide will help you turn your shoestring budget into luxury pearl jewelry.

Step 1: Go Freshwater

There are many different origins of pearls, from the lab to the ocean to freshwater. These different origins have accompanying price tags, all variable. Choosing freshwater pearls is a great way to get that natural and real look at a fraction of the cost. This is a scientific process that allows for the creation of many pearls, all with their unique and different features. Each pearl still has the natural variation that makes it superior to artificial or plastic pearls, but this process allows for more to be made, therefore lowering the price.

Step 2: Decide Your Style

Next, you have to decide how you want your necklace to look. The styles are endless, from dangle necklaces with pearl charms, chokers with a single pearl accent in the center, or go for a full strand of the lovely gem, long or short. Each style gives you a different look and works with different outfits. If you’re a simple yet chic dresser, the dangling pendant is probably your best bet. If your style tends to be more lavish and classic, go for the full set! Or, if you’re really good at working with your budget, pick multiple and layer up!

Step 3: Know Where to Shop

Not all pearl jewelry companies are made equally. Some bring low priced pieces, but also low quality, while others have hefty price tags for increased quality. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your quality for price, that’s why you need to know where to shop! is a great pearl destination that brings authentic, freshwater pearls to their necklaces and earrings, sterling silver and 18k gold plated metals, and a diversity of styles, all for a price that won’t hurt your bank account! When these worlds collide, greatness is bound to happen. You can find necklaces from choker styles to full strands, with none of them over $100. That’s a fraction of what you may pay elsewhere. They don’t skimp on quality, authenticity, or style. 

See, getting your hands on a classy, luxurious, and elegant pearl necklace is easier than it looks, even at the low price! 

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