8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings have been around for a long time in the jewelry boxes of women; several generations of women! The piece seems to always be in fashion, with the pearlescent globes glimmering on the ear.

Sometimes, pearl earrings may seem boring, or just usual. Fortunately, there’s some great ways to be creative with styling so the earring always seems like a new, fresh piece!

1.Stack Up

One way to give a fresh twist to your pearls is to wear several kinds of pearl earrings in your different holes! Many women have more than one ear piercing, so if you go for a dangling earring in your first hole, and perhaps a stud in the second, you’ll be left with an interesting, eye catching, and luxury look.

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2.Mix Stones

While they look great alone, pearls don’t have to go solo! Whether it’s by wearing multiple pieces, or selecting an earring that includes both a pave crystal or gem stone with the pearl, you can’t go wrong. This is a way to bring in color, as well as a bit of extra sparkle.


Have you seen the new earring sets where the pieces mismatch? The best new fashion trend is now a way to help if you’re unorganized and maybe only have one of a pair! Jokes aside, you don’t have to buy a set to embrace the trend. Pair one pearl earring with a crystal or simple stud, or maybe wear a pearl stud on one ear, and a dangling piece with several drop charms on the other. 

4.Go Grungy

Pearls are often thought of as the classic, girly stone. While you don’t have to navigate away from that, you can get creative in your styling and pair a set of earrings with a grungy outfit, such as a leather jacket and fishnets. This juxtaposition elevates your outfit from bold to runway.

image source: https://www.britwest.net/baroque-pearl-earring.html

5.Wear Solo

Sometimes, the most creative way to style an earring is the simplest. Wear a solo, pearl stud (go for a larger size, because you’re worth it), and pull all your hair off your face into a tight bun. This sophisticated look allows your face and the jewelry to shine, and instantly can upgrade any outfit to look more professional (even a tee shirt and jeans).

6.Over the Top

Go over the top in your outfit, and let a simple pearl allow your outfit to speak. Jewelry is often the statement maker of an outfit, but go for a glittering body suit, a patterned maxi dress, or a business style jumpsuit. Your outfit will have all eyes on you, and the jewelry will be the cherry on top.

7.Fabric Layering

Another great outfit to pair a pearl earring with is a textural masterpiece; this will only emphasize and elaborate the trend. Pair lace with leather, or satin with velvet, then pull it all together with your jewelry choice, adding another element. 

8.Stock Up!

Finally, the best way to be creative is to have a lot to choose from. Stock up on high quality, authentic, yet affordable pearl jewelry at pearlstorynyc.com, a premier choice for pearl earrings. Your collection can never be too large, and this will allow maximum creative styling.


image source: https://pearlstorynyc.com/collections/earrings/products/golden-curve-pearl-earrings

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