6 Tricks About Pearl Pendant Necklace You Wish You Knew Before

A pearl pendant necklace can be a chic and versatile piece to add to your jewelry collection.

But before you buy, there are a few things to consider while picking out your new accessory. Here are 6 tips you’ll want to know before investing in a pearl pendant necklace.


1.Pick Your Pearl

There are 4 types of pearls and there are pros and cons to each that you’ll want to consider when picking out a pearl to feature in your pearl pendant necklace. 

-Akoya Pearls

-Freshwater Pearls

-Tahitian Pearls

-South Sea Pearls

While freshwater pearls are the most budget-friendly option, there are plenty to choose from if you are looking to invest in your pearl necklace.

Are you looking for a unique black pearl or a golden yellow? Then you might find Tahitian or South Sea Pearls best suited for your necklace.


2.Choose Your Pearl Size

Picking out your pearl size can be a confusing process -- one made even harder if you purchase from an online pearl retailer. Here are the most popular sizes in each type of pearl to consider when building your dream pearl pendant necklace.

Akoya -- 7-7.5mm

Freshwater -- 7.5-8mm

Tahitian -- 8-11mm

South Sea -- 10-14mm


3.Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Grading

While you’re browsing different stores and websites to pick out your pearl pendant necklace, you are bound to come across pearl grading. You may find companies grade on a letter scale, others on a number scale, and some companies not post anything about grading -- there’s a reason for this.

Much like diamonds and the four C’s, there are seven factors to consider when evaluating the value of a pearl. Size, shape, Color, Luster, Surface Quality, Nacre quality, and matching ability are all used to determine the value of a pearl. But that’s where the standard evaluation process stops. There is currently no industry standard for grading pearls.

So what can you take from this while buying your pearl pendant necklace? Just know that you could buy an AAA-rated pearl from one retailer that is only ½ the value of a necklace by a different retailer. Pearl grading is subjective to the company selling the pearls and each grading system is different.


4.Pick a Necklace Length That Works For You

Picking the right necklace length is one of the most important parts to ensure you love your new pearl pendant necklace. There are a few options for women’s pendant lengths and each one will provide you with a different look and style of necklace.

Collar (14 inches) -- Placement is tightly around the neck

Choker (16 inches) -- Placement is tightly against the base of the throat

Princess (18 inches) -- Sits on the collarbone

Matinee (20-24 inches) -- Hits between the collarbone and the bust

Opera (28-36 inches) -- Placement is on the bust or an inch or two below

Rope (36-42 inches) -- Wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust


5.How to Wear It 

How to style your pearl pendant necklace will rely mostly on the length of your necklace. Here are a few basic guidelines to follow.

Collar  -- Wear with open neck clothing like scoop necks, v-necks, boat necks, and off the shoulder

Choker  -- This style of necklace looks good with almost everything

Princess  -- As one of the most popular lengths of necklace, this will go with everything 

Matinee  -- This length is great for business wear and casual wear

Opera -- Style with high necklines and evening wear

Rope -- Wear for evening wear and elegant business wear


6.Now It’s Time to Enjoy

After you’ve considered each of these important aspects to building a beautiful pearl pendant necklace, now it’s the easy part -- enjoy your new piece of jewelry. You’ll find your new necklace will be a versatile accessory you can work into your every day or your special day.

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