5 Secrets To Make Your Freshwater Pearl Earrings Look Amazing

Pearl jewelry has long stood for grace and glamour, but because it is an organic product, it can also be quite delicate.

The nacre from pearls is a natural substance, so it is susceptible to losing its luster over time if not cared for properly. Maintenance is important to keep your freshwater pearl earrings looking as amazing as the day you got them.

From how you clean them to how you store them, there are simple habits to adopt to keep your earrings in prime condition.  Here are 5 secrets to keeping your freshwater pearl earrings looking brand new. 

1.Clean Your Pearls 

If you properly clean your pearls, they will retain their luster for a long time. Properly cared for pearls can become cherished heirlooms so you can pass your freshwater pearl earrings onto the next generation.

First, gently run your pearls with a soft, damp cloth to remove any makeup, perfume, or dust. For particularly dirty pearls, they can be cleaned with mild and diluted soap but only on occasion. Make sure to completely dry the pearls after cleaning. To continuously keep your pearls clean, adopt the habit of wiping your freshwater pearl earrings with a soft cloth after wearing them and putting them away.

2.Store Them Correctly

You’ll want to store your freshwater pearl earrings in a non-airtight container to prevent them from drying out and sustaining damage.

Because pearls are organic, they contain trace amounts of water. Storing them in airtight environments will cause them to lose their luster and become brittle. Freshwater pearls can be scratched so make sure you are storing by themselves, in a soft pouch, or wrapped with a jewelry cloth.

Never store your freshwater pearls with other hard precious gems as they can scratch or cause damage to the surface.

3.Follow the “Last On, First Off” Rule

All types of pearls actually absorb your body’s natural oils and moisture -- this allows them to thrive.

However, to keep your freshwater pearl earrings looking amazing, follow the “last on, first off” rule. This means they should be the last thing you put on when getting ready and the first thing you take off.

Also, remove your pearls before you apply any sprays or lotion. Your freshwater pearl earrings will naturally be exposed to different chemicals, perfumes, and make-up damage but this rule of thumb can minimize the damage and keep your freshwater pearl earrings looking lustrous.

4.Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

You should never put your freshwater pearls into an ultrasonic cleaner of any kind. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners will damage the smoothness and surface shine of your favorite freshwater pearl earrings.

This kind of cleanser will cause cleanliness, yet leave your pearls looking lackluster.

5.Avoid Chemicals

Not only should you avoid harsh chemicals in cleaning products, but also consider the chemicals in household detergents and chlorine in pool water.

There are also chemicals in perfume and cosmetic products that can slowly break down the outer layer of the pearl and damage your freshwater pearl earrings.


By following these 5 steps, you’ll ensure your freshwater pearl earrings continue to shine for years to come!

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