10 Questions You Need to Ask About Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Freshwater pearl jewelry is the best way to stylishly and affordably rock your favorite gem as a jewelry statement.

When it comes to shopping and picking these pieces, there can be a lot of questions regarding the freshwater pearls, and how they are used in the jewelry.

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This list of helpful questions can get you started so you have the best, freshwater pearl jewelry experience!


1.What are freshwater pearls?

Freshwater pearls, grown in freshwater, are a type of cultured pearl that is farmed in the United States, Japan, and China. These are naturally made, but humans are involved in the formation and harvesting process. Each pearl is still natural.


2.How do freshwater pearls differ from other pearls?

Freshwater pearls are as they suggest, grown in freshwater! This is different than saltwater pearls. These are cultured pearls, grown in pearl farms.


3.What are the different kinds of freshwater pearls?

Each freshwater pearl is unique, with its own shape and natural variation! There are several different varieties, such as baroque or Keshi. Each has a different shine, and some, like the Keshi, reflect the rainbow.


4.Are these pearls ethical?

Yes! Freshwater pearls are manufactured, yet still natural. There is a scientific process in place that allows for natural variation, without causing damage or harm to the beautiful oysters that create these pearls. There are lots of regulations in place, such as how many can be made at a time, how they are harvested, and how the farms are run.


5.How much should they cost?

Freshwater pearls are less expensive than other types of pearls, and this jewelry will not break the bank. Under $100 is reasonable to expect for this kind of jewelry, especially if paired with quality metals.


6.How can I style these?

Pearl jewelry is one of the most versatile pieces to style, and the options are endless. Go for a business dress, a tight bun, and pearls for a pulled together look, or thigh high boots, a dress, and dangling pearl earring for something a bit edgier.


7.What are different kinds of jewelry made with these?

Freshwater pearls can be turned into a variety of different pieces of jewelry, from rings and bracelets to chokers and drop necklaces. Earrings range from studs to dangling statement pieces. The options are limitless.


8.What metal pairs best?

Any tone of metal looks great with a freshwater pearl. Copper gives a more boho look, pulling on those rose gold tones, while silver is youthful and gold is classic. Even better? Mix several for a trendier look.


9.How long will they last?

Once you buy these beauties, they will last a lifetime! Not only are freshwater pearls high quality themselves, when paired with high quality metals, you’ll find them to be sturdy and damage proof. Not only are the pieces themselves high quality, but pearls are one of those timeless fashion items that will last you through endless seasonal cycles.


10.Where can I buy these pearls?

Not all freshwater pearls are created equal, which is why it is great to buy from reputable sites that care about quality and beauty. Pearl Story NYC is one of those sites, with gorgeous styles that range a variety of trends, with quality metals and authentic, beautiful freshwater pearls.


Once you answer these essential questions, you’ll be good and prepared to dive into the freshwater pearl jewelry world with open and welcoming arms.

Once you start, you’ll be sure to find how fun, natural, and stylish freshwater pearls really are.

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